tech ceo becomes her!


Courtney the Tech Innovator

Why is this happening?  She is just as surprised as you!!! And here's why...

In Texas, in 2018, approximately 42% of domestic violence victims were displaced or made homeless because they were turned away from emergency shelters.  Those who could obtain shelter, typically bounced from one shelter to another. Victims who returned to their violent homes were 53% likely to lose their lives at the hands of their abuser. 

In Austin, Texas alone, this homelessness crisis is growing, and domestic violence has been cited as the primary contributing factor for displacement and homelessness for women ages 25-48.

A revolutionary cloud based prototype serving the displaced and homeless.

The SANCTUARY Web Platform and Mobile Application, serves the displaced and homeless, as well as, the first responders who serve them by improving placement success rates and by providing life saving resources.

The need for a tool linking all of the existing resources together and the ability to track progress for the displaced and homeless, will allow existing agencies to better assist those in need. 

The goal of SANCTUARY is to integrate each vital resource available and provide tangible result for victims and first responders alike.

Stay tuned...more to come! Click here to learn more about SANCTUARY!